This is the start of a journey. One where you will be challenged to take your self-doubt, bundle it up and chuck it overboard. You have just downloaded insights from 13 of the most creative and resourceful entrepreneurs on the planet.

What’s unique about these people whether they are designers, entrepreneurs, leaders of movements or strategists is that they started out with nothing but their talent and determination. Without a guidebook or instructions, perhaps from a place where you are right now they went on (and still do), to achieve amazing things in their creative, entrepreneurial ventures on their own terms. The thing to remember as you read this is that these people are no different from you or the girl next door except in one tiny detail. They gave themselves permission to believe in the power of their own ideas and start out on a journey to make their dreams a reality.

Every day I work with people who are equally talented and resourceful who are on a journey to make their mark. Creative entrepreneurs like you who are trying to get onto the right path to achieving their potential but who sometimes lose their way.

This book is for them and for you.